Files Viewer Plugin


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This plugin displays a list of text files (.txt) that are found within a configurable folder on the server, and allows the files to be read using a SqueezeBox Classic player.


Installation Instructions


Download the plugin.

Extract the content to your squeezecenter Server\Plugins folder.

Restart SqueezeCenter.

Ensure the plugin is enabled in server settings.

In the Files Viewer settings, enter the base folder name, eg. “D:\Documents\Music Information”


Usage Instructions


On the player, navigate to Extras > Files Viewer, and you will see a list of all .txt files found recursively within your configured base folder.

Use down/up arrow keys to select a file.  Use Right-arrow to choose a file to view.


When viewing a file, use down/up arrow keys to view next/previous lines in the file.  Use Left-arrow to go back to the list of files.


The file content is reformatted to fit lines to the display.  Carriage returns are ignored in the file, to avoid additional scrolling on the player.


Known Problems


  • It’s possible that there can be several files with the same name listed (because they exist in different sub-folders).  In this case, it will not be possible to tell them apart in the list.


Future Enhancements


If anyone has any suggestions, please post your thoughts to the Plugin slimserver mailing list/forum.


Alternatively, contact me: phil AT hergest DOT demon DOT co DOT uk




Version 1.1

Wraps lines to fit the player UI display better.

Added plugin settings page.

Version 1.0

Initial version.  Works with SqueezeCenter 7.0 onwards.

Based on FileViewer plugin by Michael Herger.

Long lines scroll.