Song File Viewer Plugin


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This SqueezeCenter plugin finds any text files that are in the same source location as the currently playing local track.  It displays a list of the files that are found within the player UI (under Extras > Song File Viewer), and allows those files to be displayed on the player.


It can be used to read additional information that you have stored that are included in tags, such as album reviews, for example.


Installation Instructions


Download the plugin.

Extract the content to your squeezecenter Server\Plugins folder.

Restart SqueezeCenter.

Ensure the plugin is enabled in server settings.


Usage Instructions


No need to rescan the library – the files are found in real-time based on the file location of the currently playing track.  The plugin will search that folder, and any sub-folders for .txt files.


The plugin will list all related files alphabetically.  Right-arrow into a chosen file to view it.  Use down/up arrow keys to view next/previous lines in the file.  Left-arrow to go back to the list of files.


Known Problems


  • Not sure what will happen if there are several files with the same name (i.e. in different sub-folders).  I think only one file will be listed (the last file found).
  • Not sure what will happen with remote files.  Hopefully it won’t crash.  Best not to try ;)
  • Haven’t tried it yet simultaneously across many SqueezeBox clients.


Future Enhancements


The following are planned:


  • WebUI screen to view the files.
  • Settings screen to configure if:
    1. long lines should wrap or scroll.
    2. include/exclude sub-folders.
    3. define file extensions to search for (currently only includes .txt).


If anyone has any suggestions that would make the plugin more useable for their needs, please post your thoughts to the Plugin slimserver mailing list/forum.


Alternatively, contact me: phil AT hergest DOT demon DOT co DOT uk




Version 1.3

Fix for Touch/Radio interface.

Version 1.2

Fix recursive folder searching.

Version 1.1

Wraps lines to fit the player UI display better.

Version 1.0

Initial version.  Works with SqueezeCenter 7.0 onwards.

Based on FileViewer plugin by Michael Herger.

Long lines scroll.