Introducing: iPeng UE

For the second time this year, we are adding a new member to the iPeng App family: iPeng UE.

iPeng UE is a universal remote control App for the Logitech® UE™ Smart Radio. It brings iPeng’s popular user interface and powerful features to Logitech’s new streaming platform.

It is also the first iPad App for the Smart Radio.

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iPeng 2.0 is Here!

iPeng for iPhone jumps to Version 2.0 bringing you a completely new and fresh look&feel. It has a new and beautiful user interface that makes using iPeng even more simple and fun.

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iPeng Spring Refresh

iPeng get’s a big spring refresh with Retina Display support for iPeng for iPad, a completely rewritten playback feature and then there is iPeng Party, a new and free iPeng App.

iPeng is a Player, too!

We’ve added a long-awaited feature to iPeng and iPeng for iPad: Playback. This makes your iPhone iPod or iPad  a Player on your Squeezebox Server and gives you direct access to all your music.

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iPeng for iPad

After iPeng for iPhone has revolutionized the way many people are using their Squeezebox, iPeng for iPad is doing the same on iPad. And with the new iPad and it’s retina display, browsing your music collection with iPeng’s large and crisp artwork thumbnails is even more fun.

It’s more than just a scaled-up version of the iPhone App, it’s a completely new experience.

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