A Notice to Users of MySqueezebox.com Outside the USA

We recently got a number of questions from people living outside the USA who are having issues accessing MySqueezebox.com or their Squeezeboxes connected to MySqueezebox.com.

The symptoms are that you can’t log into the service or your players don’t show up in iPeng.
This often happens on new devices where you run iPeng for the first time.

What is the Reason for the Issue?

The problem can be related to an iOS feature called “iCloud Private Relay”. When you access sites on the internet, Private Relay hides the origin of your request and can improve your privacy.

However, other than what Apple describes in their documentation, with Private Relay all http (unencrypted) traffic is being relayed through the Unites States.
Since Logitech operates separate MySqueezebox.com infrastructure for the USA and for the rest of the world, controlling a Squeezebox outside the USA using the US infrastructure doesn’t work (and vice versa). This has been a problem when using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) towards the USA and it is a problem with Private Relay.
Private Relay is enabled by default on new devices, which is why problems often occur there.

What can I Do?

The easiest solution is to disable iCloud Private Relay on your iPhone or iPad.
You can do this in the iCloud Settings of your device. You can find them if you select  your Name/Account in the iOS Settings and then go to the “iCloud” menu.
There is a Setting called “Private Relay” and that needs to be “off”.

About Author: coolio