We’re getting a lot of questions from iPeng users right now about the future of Spotify in the Squeezebox environment.
As things stand, Spotify seems to be discontinuing Squeezebox support soon (this month) and is sending out emails about this.
There is, however, a pretty good workaround, at least if you use Logitech Media Server (version 7.7.x and newer, 7.9.1 recommended), the new “Spotty” plugin:

If you currently don’t run your own Logitech Media Server, you might consider using a Raspberry Pi for this, it will probably give you better performance for your Squeezebox system than alone, consumes little power and there are ready-made distributions for Squeezebox available, like Max2Play or piCorePlayer.

And then just go on listening to good music!

You can find more information about the Spotify discontinuation here:

And directly from Spotify:


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