iPeng 9.4: iPhone X Support

Today we’ve launched version 9.4 of both iPeng 9 and iPeng ue, and as a headline feature, this update brings you full support for Apple’s latest phone, the iPhone X.

With its new edge-to-edge screen, rounded corners and gesture control, it brings a few challenges to app migration from older phones, both from a design and usability point of view.

iPeng 9.4 takes this into account by presenting itself with some smaller changes to its look on iPhone X and by adapting to the different screen format.

For iPeng 9 and iPeng ue!

This update comes to iPeng 9 and iPeng ue at the same time. It’s the first iPeng version built for iOS 11, which results in some minor design changes, particularly on iPad; generally the look should now be a bit more consistent. Besides that the makeover includes some small improvements like new icons and bug fixes.

We are still working on a bigger redesign of iPeng that will modernize the look and feel of the app and in which we plan to design it even more around iPhone X and its new screen. So stay tuned!

Easier Playback Purchase

And for those who found it difficult to buy iPeng’s playback feature in the past, the purchase has become much easier: you can now select the feature directly from the App Store and will then be taken to iPeng which completes the transaction.

iPeng Playback Purchase

As usual: have fun with iPeng!

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