This is Coolio’s home page. He loves music. And, of course, he loves to share my iPhone App for the Squeezebox and the Wikilator App.


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All text in the Blog and App (English/German) is written by Katja Böhme.

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License (Plugin Version)

Coolio’s favorite tool in his honor is called iPeng. iPeng is written by Jörg Schwieder and Erland Isaksson (plugin), based on the Skins that came with Squeezebox Server. iPeng is published under LGLP 2.1, but it may contain elements that are published under different licenses, most notably any carryover code from Squeezebox Server. Also, it requires Squeezebox Server to be installed, and you need at least version 7.0 to use iPeng and 7.1 to use iPeng with iPhone playback.

Note: This does NOT apply to the newer App Store version of iPeng.