Building a Radio for iPeng

Today we present you an article that might strike some of you as a bit unusual here because it’s mostly not about software but about a cool piece of hardware.

It’s a Squeezebox built from a Tivoli Audio alarm speaker, and for the impatient ones among you, here are the key features and a picture:

Tivoli Squeezebox Radio

  • Tivoli Speaker and case using the original speaker and 3W output;
  • WiFi;
  • runs on battery for a whole day (more than 12h);
  • rotary and push controller for volume and play/pause;
  • separate alarm clock;
  • fully Squeezebox compatible player using a Raspberry Pi zero and SqueezeLite;
  • very simple and power-efficient 5V design.


And since Coolio and I do software in the first place, the whole project has its own software as well, in this case our open-sourced solution to power the volume and play/pause control. It’s quite cool, too :), you can find it on GitHub at

If you want to read the full story, you can find it here:

The Tivoli Squeezebox Radio

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