iPeng 9.6: Big Change for the Big Screen!

Like every year during fall, Apple have presented their new devices and thus laid the foundation for changes to iPeng. Once again, that kept us busy to deliver the best design and functionality.

For the iPhone XS Max, the challenge was to adapt to the truly huge (6.5-inch!) screen. The Apple Watch Series 4, whose design Apple – by ist own words – has not only “evolved”, but “transformed”, also comes with a larger display and rounded corners, which made design adjustments necessary.

iPeng now also supports the following new features on the Apple Watch:

  • multicolored complications
  • more formats for complications
  • implementation of the curved corner complication design

The new version is now available as a free update in the App Store. Another update for iPeng UE will follow shortly.

It’s just “iPeng” again

One last note on the product name of iPeng, because there are news here as well: From now on you will find the app in the App Store under “iPeng” again, not under “iPeng 9”: Since iPeng Classic got removed from the App Store by Apple, we decided to return iPeng to it’s original product name since the distinction is no longer necessary.

And as always: Have fun with the app!

About Author: coolio