iPeng is Ready for iOS 11 – Continue to Use Your Squeezeboxes with iPhone and iPad.

Good news: We will keep the discount on iPeng 9 and iPeng ue open until Sunday, October 15th.

As you might have noticed, the discount we are giving on our current iPeng Apps on the occasion of the iOS 11 release has been extended and is still running. It was supposed to end on October 1st, but we will now leave it open until Sunday.

The update rates for Apple’s current operating system haven’t been as fast as in the last few years, so a lot of people only started using the new operating system later.

Also, there is an issue with upgrade bundles showing a wrong price (an App Store problem on Apple’s side) that confuses some people. So we decided to extend the offer to get on board the iPeng community at a discount.

While Apple prepared to roll out iOS 11 to your iPhones and iPads out there, we have been busy making sure your favorite music App is ready in time, too.

An Alternative for Users of the Logitech Apps

This was especially important to us as Logitech’s own Apps for Squeezeboxes and the UE Smart Radio will stop working under iOS 11. So, if you have been a user of these Apps until now, you will need an alternative.

Of course we hope that you will find iPeng to be your best option now! And to help you a bit with your decision making, both iPeng 9 and iPeng ue will sell at a discount until end of September. Please note that the App Store automatically disables the discounted Upgrade Bundles for users of iPeng Classic, you will get a similar discount due to the reduced price during this time.

Three iPeng Apps will be Fully Compatible with iOS 11

And while support for specific iOS 11 features will take a little longer, iPeng 9 and iPeng ue now work fine with the new system and iPeng Party will follow soon.

Since iOS 11 brings bigger changes than most updates before, we decided to update all Apps we still support. One of the first and foremost implications of the transition to iOS 11 is the discontinuation of support for 32-bit Apps, which means a lot of older Apps will no longer work. As a consequence this means that on new devices we will have to say goodbye to the old “iPeng Classic” Apps under iOS 11. iPeng Classic, with the original Apps launched 9 and 7 years ago for iPhone and iPad, has been deprecated ever since we released iPeng 7 (now called iPeng 9) four years ago. We left the Apps on the App Store to give users of old hardware an option, but they are no longer supported for new devices.

Changes to the Apps

All our other Apps will run with iOS 11, with different implications for the respective Apps, though.

Download iPeng 9 on the App Store

iPeng 9

iPeng 9 is seeing the smallest changes of all of our Apps. It has always been a 64-bit App, so even oldest iPeng 7 versions will still run under iOS 11. The latest update was only a few weeks ago, so changes are limited to fixes of some smaller compatibility issues in the user interface.

iPeng ue

For iPeng ue we have taken the opportunity to step up its version to 9.0 as well, and with that it gains two of the features formerly lacking in the UE Smart Radio version of iPeng:

  • Download iPeng ue on the App StoreLock Screen Widget. The widget allows you to control your Smart Radio directly from the lock screen of your iPhone or iPad and gives you faster access to critical controls.
  • Multitasking support on iPad. iPeng ue now can run in a split-screen window alongside other Apps. While this has already been introduced with iOS 10, it becomes more important under iOS 11, and it allows you to keep iPeng always open next to another App so that you can still control and see your music while e.g. reading on your iPad.

Both features work just like in iPeng 9, please read our announcements for iPeng 9.0 to 9.2 here, here and here for details.

iPeng Party

The most significant changes will come to iPeng Party.Download iPeng Party on the App Store

This is the first time iPeng Party becomes a 64-bit App, and with the upgrade, we have included a lot of the more modern code from iPeng 9 into the App in order to have full compatibility with the latest versions of Logitech Media Server. As you will see, performance has improved significantly as well.

And while the general user interface of iPeng Party has stayed the same, it has also adopted a lot of the look&feel of iPeng 9. If you are also an iPeng 9 user, you will feel more at home in iPeng Party now.

We hope that with all these updates the transition to iOS 11 goes smoothly for you and that you continue to have fun with your Apple and Squeezebox devices and of course our Apps!

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