iPeng 7 Becomes iPeng 8

With Apple progressing from iOS 7 to iOS 8, iPeng 7 obviously needed an overhaul too. So, we are happy to announce that iPeng 7 is now iPeng 8 and it’s available on the App Store.

iPeng 8 is more than just an update to get along with iOS 8, it has been adapted to make the best use of the capabilities and the larger screen of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. In addition to this, we plan to successively introduce more iOS 8-specific features (like Notification Center widgets) within the coming months.

iPhone 6 Support

iPhone 6 and especially iPhone 6 Plus has a much larger screen than earlier models, and we decided to make good use of the additional screen space.

Modified NowPlaying Screen: The NowPlaying screen got slightly updated and now features additional volume buttons along with more space to show the current track information

Thumbnails in the Current Playlist: Just like on iPad, iPeng 8 on iPhone 6 now also shows artwork thumbnails in the current playlist in portrait mode.

New default thumbnail sizes for album views: The tile view for albums now uses different default sizes (you can still scale it at will) to allow showing more albums on a single screen on iPhone 6 Plus. This way, iPhone 6 plus can show almost as much content as an iPad (in default configuration), making it a real good alternative to the tablet for browsing your library.

iPeng browse screen size comparison - iPhone 4, iPhone 6, iPad

iPeng browse screen size comparison – iPhone 4, iPhone 6, iPad


New landscape mode for NowPlaying on iPhone 6: NowPlaying in landscape mode always has been a bit limited on iPhone/iPod touch in iPeng due to the limited screen height. With iPhone 6 this problem doesn’t exist anymore – iPeng now has a gorgeous new landscape mode in which it can now also show a current playlist next to the familiar cover view. Since you can also bring down the player list with a swipe from the top now, this actually gives you all the control functionality in landscape mode that you are used to in portrait mode.

iPhone 6 Plus - Landscape Playlist

iPhone 6 Plus – Landscape Playlist


This also shows the size of Apple’s new device: the current playlist in landscape mode on iPhone 6 plus has almost the same size as the current playlist in portrait mode on iPhone 4. Have a look at all the sizes that are now available in iPeng.

Size Comparison - Current Playlist

Size Comparison – Current Playlist


And All That Attention to Detail…

These were the big points. But in addition to that, we also paid a lot of attention to the details in iPeng to make your favorite controller App even better. Apart from the obvious fixes of issues introduced with IOS 8, this includes a significant performance update with some servers, some design improvements (finally, the new iPhones are quick enough , so that iPeng 7 looks as originally intended by us J), smoother scrolling and a better index-bar on iPhone/iPod, better support of Logitech Media Server 7.9 and many more small details.

Have fun with iPeng 8!



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