iPeng 7 Summer Update

The World Cup is over and Coolio can now again turn his attention to bringing you cool new updates for iPeng 7.

iPad and iPhone Behavior More Consistent

Due to some changes in iPeng’s iPhone UI, the behavior of the iPhone and iPad user interfaces are now more consistent:

  • A new NowPlaying button on iPhone: On iPhone, iPeng now uses a small version of the current track’s cover as a NowPlaying button. This allows you an immediate glance of what’s currently playing.
  • Swipe-to-delete in the current playlist: Swipe on a track in the current playlist to delete it or bring up the context menu.
  • Don’t leave menu when returning to App: When you return to iPeng from another App, iPeng on iPhone will no longer return to the “More” main menu but stay where you left it.

Support for LMS 7.9

Logitech Media Server 7.9 brings a number of changes to the server’s behavior, and iPeng 7.0.6 will now fully support them.

In particular, LMS 7.9 now allows you to create additional artists menus (for example for Composers, Album Artists etc.), this is now also fully supported in iPeng. If you use this functionality with the server (it’s optional), iPeng’s “Artists” menu will take the role of the “All Artists” menu in LMS.

Another change in LMS 7.9 is that you can create sublibraries to e.g. separate out children’s music or audiobooks. This functionality, too, is now fully supported by iPeng 7.

Have fun!

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