iOS Clipboard Confirmation

With the latest few iOS versions, iPeng may have indicated that it wants to access the clipboard.
Since iOS 16, there is a query if the user wants to allow this:

iOS asks for confirmation about clipboard access

What does that question mean?

The clipboard is used to copy data between apps, it is generally accessible to every app and public. iOS, however, now indicates access or asks for permission.

Why does iPeng access that data?iPeng asks what to do with link in clipboard

iPeng checks if there is a link to playable music in the clipboard.
If this is the case, it asks whether you want to play the music on the current player or save the link to favorites.
Many of you use this to play music links you get from friends via email or social media or find on websites.
If iPeng doesn’t detect a link or you don’t save or play the link, iPeng does nothing else with the data and will not further use it.

I don’t want to see this message, what can I do?

You can configure the message in your iPhone/iPad settings and grant iPeng general access to the clipboard or always prohibit it.
You can find the setting under “Settings->iPeng” directly in iOS/iPadOS.

Does iPeng collect my data?

iPeng does not transmit any data to us and does not collect any user data locally. It only stores the data to control your server locally on your device. If you use or music services, these services receive data about your usage. This data is the same as when you use your Squeezebox without iPeng. For example, if you play a music link, the provider of the link may also see this.
For more details see our Privacy Policy.

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