iPeng 9.7.1 Fixes VoiceOver Support

Good news for those who use iPeng with VoiceOver, Apple’s accessibility feature for users with vision impairments.

Since iOS 13 came out, there was an issue in iPeng that prevented VoiceOver users from accessing the MultiPlayer control, meaning they were unable to switch players and reach player settings.

This was due to a change in how iOS handled the assignment of visible items to items made accessible through VoiceOver.

iPeng 9.7.1 now contains a long-awaited fix for this issue. Unfortunately fixing the problem wasn’t easy and took us quite a while, so we would like to take the opportunity to apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank our customers for their patience.

In addition to this, the update speeds up artist image rendering significantly, fixes the text color for Search and Web Browsing in dark mode, and contains smaller improvements like better handling of dialog boxes on newer iPhone models.

Except for the changes in artist image rendering, all of the above applies to both iPeng and iPeng ue.

Have fun!

About Author: coolio