iPeng Starts New Year with some Polishing

A late “Happy New Year” to all of you!

And to start the new year, iPeng for iPhone, iPad and iPeng UE got some polish through a minor update.

Here’s what’s changed:

  • Probably the first thing you’ll notice is that the bobble-hat icon is gone again.
  • The iPhone Apps now hide the status bar by default. This gives a little more space you can especially use well on the smaller 3,5″ screens but more importantly, it prevents the notification center from accidentally coming up (or down) when you try to drag down the MultiPlayer control. If you still prefer to see the status bar you can re-enable it in the settings.
  • In all Apps you can now chose to always use English as the user interface language, independent of the one selected on your device. While this is a bit against Apple’s UI guidelines a lot of users requested it to be able to match an English language setting on the server side since iPeng doesn’t support all languages and also since a lot of plugins are only available in English.
  • The URL calling scheme to open iPeng from other Apps has been updated to allow the selection of a certain player when opening iPeng. You can find the details here: https://trac.penguinlovesmusic.de/trac/ipengnat/wiki/URLScheme

Have fun!

About Author: coolio