User’s Manual – How to use the iPeng Application

Here you can download the manual as a PDF.

Please note: Since version 1.2 iPeng has a feature called Quick Tutorials, showing short animations to explain certain features and functions. Quick Tutorials show up automatically whenever you first open a page of the type which is explained by the tutorials.

However, you can replay them under

Help->Quick Tutorials

This manual will indicate that there is a  Quick Tutorial for a feature by showing a hand icon and the path to the tutorial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bugs and issues we know about.

General Usability

Some general information on how iPeng works. You should at least read this.


The NowPlaying screens including the player view and the playlist view.

Browse Screens

The “Main Menu”. Here you can look for the music you want to play.


Your own library. Classified as Albums, Artists, Genres, Playlists, Genres, Favorites and with an option to Search.

You can also browse your library without any categories but as present on your server through Music Folder.

Internet Radios

Streaming content from Internet Radios can be found here.


Here you’ll find additional Online Services like, Napster, Rhapsody, Flickr and more.

Note: If you are using a SqueezeCenter version prior to 7.4, these services will be shown under Internet Radios.

Setup and Configuration

How do I get a server up and running and how do I connect iPeng.