Legacy Issues

Legacy Issues

These are known issues with prior releases of iPeng or Squeezebox Server

These issues are fixed in the current iPeng and Logitech Media Server release.

Logitech Media Server 7.7.0 Update

If you are experiencing slow operation in iPeng, missing menus or frequent crashes after an update to Logitech Media Server 7.7.0, please read this:

There is a bug in LMS 7.7.0 that causes the server to send an excessively large main menu to iPengif you have a lot of “photo albums”. Unfortunately, this can happen in the default configuration if you are using folder images for your album artwork. It’s not an iPeng issue, newer Squeezebox models will no longer work correctly either.

Please try one of the following mitigations:

  • The preferred option would be to update to the current Logitech Media Server 7.7.1 release which fixes the issue
  • If you want to stick to 7.7.0, in the server’s Web Interface, please go to “Settings->General” and uncheck “Pictures” behind your music library path; then do a “Clear and Rescan” of the library.

Most of the following issues (as noted) are fixed in the current Version 1.1.2, if you are still using a prior version and experiencing any of these issues, please update.

Some pages (most likely: Albums) stay empty (Squeezebox Server versions before 7.6).

Please make sure your virus scanner does NOT scan “.MYI”-files, you may have to explicitly exclude them from scanning. This is a known issue of SqueezeCenter. In no case will you get correct results if you have this issue.

You can diagnose this issue by temporarily disabling virus scanning.

The problem is, that some virus scanners block access to files while they are scanning. “.MYI”-files are temporary files created by SqueezeCenter’s database (MySQL) and that database doesn’t work correctly when it doesn’t get access to the files. You can get more info on this on forums.slimdevices.com

Squeezebox Server crashes when using iPeng (legacy Squeezebox Server versions before 7.5)

Please check whether you use large “.bmp” artwork with your music library. Squeezebox Server doesn’t really support these and there are reports of it crashing on their use.

This should no longer happen with current Squeezebox Server versions but current Squeezebox Server versions should not support .bmp artwork at all (ignore it).