iPeng for iPhone 2.0 / 3G is there!

So, after a busy weekend doing some final fixes here’s the first version of iPeng for iPhone 2.0 / 3G (and iTouch 2.0, of course).

It finally will be a completely rewritten plugin, but for now, only some of the new stuff is ready, but it is already fully compatible to iPhone 2.0.

What’s new?

All of the current changes are on the NowPlaying screen (where they were needed most):

Smooth Scrolling:

  • The different pages on the NowPlaying screen now can be scrolled in and out like the Pages of the Springboard.
  • You don’t need to do “two finger scrolling” to move around content pages or the playlist. We’ve all waited for this, haven’t we

Seamless Volume and “Elased Time” controls

  • In former iPeng versions, you could click on the volume bar to select a volume. This was a bit inexact. Now you can drag the volume handle.
  • While dragging, the current volume will permanently alter, so you can hear whether it’s what you want
  • An extra overlay will show the current volume level, in case you like it VERY exact.
  • For “Elapsed Time” this will show the time into the track. But no, no immediate update here, of course, your track stays on until you release the handle

And last but not least: Drag’n’Drop reordering of the Playlist

  • No more clicking between tracks to change their order.
  • Just touch and hold a track for more than 1.5s and it will be “elevated”. Now you can drag it along the list and drop it into the place where you want it to be.
  • COOL!

So. Have fun. Send fish. And wait for more to come 😉

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