Preview: iPeng goes SqueezeNetwork

Hi friends of Coolio!

The long awaited iPeng 1.1 version is currently in beta testing and to make the wait a bit more exciting, here’s a little update on what it will do.

We have received a tremendous amount of suggestions and feature requests during the last months and we really want to thank you all for these. Really! This is what will make iPeng better. Now iPeng 1.1 is probably the single most important update to make these things happen since a lot has changed under the hood which will enable iPeng to be much more flexible and allow for more functionality.

As a little “teaser” I want to give you an outlook on two of the more prominent results of these changes:

iPeng with plugin support

iPeng 1.1 will support plugins that provide menus for the Squeezebox(TM) Controller. This includes basic functionality like Alarms, Random Play etc., additional ones like CD Player and Biography but also really complex plugins like Custom Browse.

So iPeng’s functionality will not grow by one or two features but potentially dozens! Cool, isn’t it?

iPeng goes SqueezeNetwork

The other big change (awaited by lots of you) will be support for SqueezeNetwork. You no longer need a SqueezeCenter server to use iPeng with your Squeezebox.

See some screen shots of both functionalities below.

Now if you want to add your own feature requests to make iPeng even better and probably get that one functionality you’ve really been missing, please file a ticket with our trac ticketing system:

(don’t let yourself turn off by an error message, you have to log in/register and then you can use it)

Have fun!

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