iPeng 1.1.1 Now Available

The iPeng 1.1.1 update is now available on the AppStore.

1.1.1 is mainly a service release targeted at fixing some issues with wakeup from standby and crashes upon rearranging/deleting tracks from the current playlist.

It does have two additional features, though:

  • IRBlaster volume control: If you set volume control commands for IRBlaster for a player, iPeng’s volume slider for that player will be replaced by “up/down” buttons that send volume up/down commands through IRBlaster. These commands will repeat at a rate of 5 commands/s

NOTE: If you disable IRBlaster, please also remove the volume commands for the player since iPeng detects IRBlaster using these settings and will otherwise still show the IRBlaster interface instead of the slider.

  • Albums and Playlists in Music Services like Rhapsody or Napster will now be shown and act like albums and playlists do in the local library.

This means: You don’t need the “touch-and-hold” gesture anymore to play tracks and also album/playlist playing behavior and look is now consistent with the local library menus.

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