Plugin again – iPeng 0.5.4 for iPhone 3.0

Since the iPeng App came out last November it turned out to be much more popular than the free iPeng plugin, so there wasn’t a lot of news here.

Now we promised to keep it supported yet with iPhone 3.0 it stopped working. Obviously due to a bug done by somebody else, but what help is that…

Now here’s a small maintenance release (iPeng 0.5.4) which will work around this and make the plugin work with iPhone 3.0.

Yet, while this fixes the Safari crash on NowPlaying there are still a few things that won’t work in 3.0 due to changes made to the platform:

  • Playlist reordering. The iPeng scheme for doing this was to “hold” an item to move it around. Now “hold” in Safari now activates cut&paste so this feature obviously doesn’t work anymore
  • MultiPlayer Control. This feature requires dynamically added CSS styles which are no longer available due to the pre-compiling nature of Safari in 3.0.

I hope you still find it useful and apologize for the limited support – but there are just so much more users of the native iPeng App that this one takes precedence.

Have fun!

iPeng 0.5.4 – Compatibility Release for iPhone 3.0

How About Android? Volunteers Out There?

One thing that came as a surprise to me today is that iPeng 0.5.4 is obviously almost compatible with Android Phones. Transforms and transitions work and the layout almost fits.

I don’t have the time to work myself into the depths of the browser used there (a chrome variety?) so does anybody else feel like it?

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