iPeng News: Simpler Playback Sharing, Lower iPhone Price!

Dear iPeng Fans!

There are new releases of iPeng for iPhone (1.5.3) and iPeng for iPad (1.3.3) in the App Store now and while they bring now new features this time, there are quite a number of improvements for all those of you who are using iPeng on several devices.

Sharing Playback

While iPeng for iPhone and iPeng for iPad are separate Apps, iPeng Playback was a feature that could always be shared between the two if done right, actually you even get an 80% discount on it if you own both Apps.

However, in the past this required both Apps to be installed on the iPad. And to restore the feature on a new device you had to restore the feature on each device to enable it.

Now, with iPeng 1.5.3/1.3.3 you can use iCloud instead. All you need to do is to have iCloud enabled on your devices (and, of course, you have to use the same iTunes account) and once you have purchased the playback feature, within a few minutes it will automatically be available and enabled on all your iCloud-enabled devices, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. There’s nothing you have to do for this.

Of course, this also works if you purchased the Playback feature in the past.

Discounted Playback

The same applies to the Discounted Playback feature. If you own both iPeng for iPhone and iPad you are eligible for an 80% discount on iPeng’s Playback feature. In the past, you were only able to purchase this in the iPhone App when running on iPad. Now, again, all you need to do is enable iCloud on your iPhone, iPod and iPad and you can purchase the discounted feature on any of your devices (please check the price in the purchase dialog!). Of course, once enabled it will also be usable by all your other little penguins.

If you don’t want to use iCloud the old behavior with it’s limitations will still be available.

New Price on iPhone/iPod touch

This is the first time ever we are changing a price for iPeng! So far, iPeng’s App price has always been tier 10 (10 US$) for each of the Apps (except for iPeng Party, of course, which is free), now we are offering the iPhone and iPad versions at different prices. Since July 1st, iPeng for iPhone sells ata lower price than iPeng for iPad.

Why is that?

Essentially, we believe iPeng has changed and also the way remote controls are being used has changed. When iPeng came out, for the first time you were able to have access to all your music in the palm of your hand in such an easy way and it revolutionized the way people used their Squeezeboxes (or music devices in general). You could hold it in one hand, carry it everywhere and it had all the performance to let you search and browse your music and control your players.

Now, since then, the iPad has arrived. And the iPad, for many people, turned out to be an even better remote, especially using iPeng for iPad,. It has a bigger screen, even more performance and it can show more content, enable feature (e.g. through iPeng’s built-in browser) that don’t work well or that are less capable on the iPhone/iPod and so we believe that actually over the time, iPeng for iPad has become the more capable App that is also being used longer and more frequently by those who own both Apps and devices.

iPeng on iPhone and iPod touch, however, is often being used as a player these days, especially on the road, but that’s a feature you have to purchase as an addon.

So as a reaction to this change in use and to the evolution of the capabilities we have decided for now to cut the price of iPeng for iPhone, iPeng for iPad stays the same as before.

Will it stay that way? We don’t know. There are currently no plans for further price changes and we also don’t guarantee that the price cut will be permanent, but this is where it stands now.

Have fun with it 🙂

About Author: coolio