Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy covers that handling of personal user data in

  • The iPeng Apps (iPeng, iPeng for iPad, iPeng UE and iPeng Party)
  • The web sites
  • The bug tracker
  • The iPeng App Community facebook page

Collection of Personal Data

Web Sites

No personal data of any kind is required to use any of our web sites. We are not collecting any personal data or evaluate personalized information.

If you want to comment on the web site you need to login, this solely for the purpose of preventing SPAM and to be able to give transparent answers to your questions.

E-Mail addresses provided are only being used for password retrieval.

We do not send you marketing e-mails or give your e-mail address to 3rd parties.

On the bug tracker, your account is being used to give/ask feedback on bugs you are posting. Please be aware that in this context your e-mail address might get known to other users commenting on the same bug.


We don’t automatically collect any information about your App use or data you enter in the iPeng Apps. All data will stay on your device.

Sending crash logs (either automatically if you opted into Apple’s crash reporting, please refer to Apple’s Privacy Policy on this topic) or manually from the App when asked to (opt-in in every case) will send information about our App and your device state, no personal information. This information will only be used for quality assurance purposes.

Manually sending help mails from within the App will send information about the App status to aid problem resolution. No information beyond what you see written in this mail (before sending) will be submitted.

iPeng, iPeng for iPad can be used with Logitech®’s service to control a Squeezebox connected to it. If you want to use this service, the Apps will send a device ID (UUID) to and require you to log into your account which will associate your device with your account. Please refer to Logitech’s Privacy Policy to learn how they handle your data.
This step is entirely optional in iPeng, you don’t need to do this if you don’t use

Both Apps will also leave information about In-App-Purchases you did (Playback feature) in your own iCloud account (if iCloud is enabled). Please refer to Apple’s Privacy Policies to learn about privacy in iCloud.

iPeng Party might also use It does send a self-generated device identifier that is meaningless outside iPeng Party and will use the party host’s account.

iPeng UE requires login to Logitech’s account which will associate the device with your account. This is required to use the service and control the Smart Radio. A specifically generated, device specific ID that has no meaning outside iPeng UE will be used. Please refer to Logitech’s Privacy Policy on their use of account data.


We do not collect personal information on facebook, but facebook might do so, please refer to facebook’s privacy policy on their use of private data. If you leave comments on facebook or using the facebook social plugins on the Web Sites, others will be able to see these depending on your privacy settings in facebook.

If you use facebook from within the iPeng Apps, no data will be collected by the App or by us.


We use state of the art procedures to secure data on our systems. However, since we do not collect personal data, we also don’t specifically secure it. Please don’t leave any personal data on our Web Site that you want to make sure doesn’t get compromised, in no case will you be required to do so to use our services.

3rd Party Sites

The Web Site and the App interact with 3rd party services in several places:

Web Sites

We use Google Analytics to monitor the traffic on our web sites in a non-personalized fashion. We do not collect personalized data, but Google might do so if you are logged into your Google account. Please refer to Google’s Privacy Policy for details or log out of your account when using our Web Sites.

If you use our web sites from within iPeng, you will not be logged into your Google Account unless you explicitly log into it in iPeng’s browser.


Beyond the interaction with 3rd Party sites as described above, the iPeng Apps can use 3rd party services e.g. through the facebook- or Twitter- integration or through the built-in web browser. We neither collect nor evaluate this information. Please refer to the respective services you use for their Privacy Policies.

iPeng uses for link shortening when you share links. iPeng’s account will be used for this instead of your own so your links will not be associated with your personal information. Please refer to’s Privacy Policy to learn about their use of data.