Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a short list of questions and issues some people stumble upon with iPeng:

How can I stream my Music Remotely?

There is a guide for that:

Coolio’s Guide to Remote Playback

iPeng feels slow or reacts poorly

iPeng usually reacts pretty fast even with hundreds of thousands of tracks, however in certain circumstances it can put quite a bit of load on a server.

Especially if you run Squeezebox Server on lower-powered servers there are a few gotchas you should be aware of when using iPeng.

  • Artwork Caching. Usually if iPeng reacts slowly this has one cause: the server is still creating artwork thumbnails for iPeng. iPeng uses a different artwork size from the ones Squeezebox Server creates while scanning your library so the server has to create these thumbnails first. Especially on servers that don’t have a floating point CPU this can be slow and even can slow down the operation of the server itself. Typical candiates are e.g. the smaller ReadyNAS models. However, it usually only has to be done once since iPeng as well as the server itself do cache the generated artwork files. So here are a few more hints on how you can help it cope with this:
  • Avoid “Clear & Rescan” of the Library. Doing this will clear the scaled artwork and the process has to start anew.
  • Use performance setting. In the Squeezebox Server’s web interface, there is a setting under “Settings->Advanced->Performance->Artwork resizing”. Set this to “Resize (faster, lower quality)” to improve performance. (Squeezebox Server version 7.5 and earlier only)
  • Large Playlists: Squeezebox Server is not particularly good in managing a large current playlist. This is why by default in current server versions the playlist size is limited to 500 items. Increasing this size will have  a significant impact on performance, especially since iPeng has to read the whole playlist from the server.
  • General Caching. Apart from artwork caching, iPeng also caches your list of Albums, Artists and Genres. While it does so, there can also be an impact on performance. This will usually take a much shorter time than the artwork sizing and you can see a progress indicator in these menus. “Albums” should take longest. This cache needs to be rebuilt every time your library changes. The upside is that once the cache has been built in iPeng access to this data will be very fast even on subsequent App starts.

I don’t see Lyrics in iPeng for iPad, but only “No Lyrics found”

You may have to install the SongInfo/SongLyrics plugins.

Here are the details.

iPeng does not see any Players on

Please check if you can see your players if you open the web site. If they are reported as being “connected” there but you can’t see them in iPeng, this is very likely a Problem with is currently experiencing issues preventing iPeng from correctly logging into the account. This is not an iPeng issue, Squeezebox Controller and Radio are experiencing the same.

If this persists for longer than two days, please contact us under

coolio att penguinlovesmusic dott com.

iPeng doesn’t work anymore after an update (of iPeng or iPhone/iPod firmware)

Typical symptoms include crashing on the start screen or not finding the server. Note: This is ONLY for issues with finding a local server in your network, not with connection issues with See above for that.

This seems to be an issue with the update process. As a workaround,please try to uninstall and reinstall iPeng, this should fix the issue. You can uninstall iPeng by holding the iPeng icon until i “wobbles” and then pressing “x”. You can reinstall it by reloading it from the App Store. As long as you make sure you use the same account as for the original purchase you will not have to pay for iPeng again, even if the App Store item looks like you have to. After you select iPeng, App Store will tell you that you did purchase the App before and that you can re-download it free of charge.

I don’t see Artwork in the browse screens but it works fine on NowPlaying

Chances are, you are using a McAfee virus scanner, although it may happen with some others, too.

This is actually a known SqueezeCenter (better McAfee) issue other than an iPeng issue. Disabling the virus scanner or (better) excluding *.MYI files from being scanned.

Here’s a thread on how to do this from the Squeezebox forum

I don’t see my player after switching to

iPeng asks you to move players to when you switch sources. If you don’t do that, you will not be able to see your players when connected to

Note: You have to move the players as long as you are still connected to your own server and the server is still running. iPeng can not see unconnected players.

See Switching To and From SqueezeNetwork in the NowPlaying Guide.

If you CAN see your players on the web interface but not using iPeng, your device is probably connected to a wrong account or the account is broken. Please send us an e-mail to:

coolio att penguinlovesmusic dott com.

Can I setup a Squeezebox Receiver with iPeng?

No, you’ll usually need a Squeezebox Controller to set up a receiver. iPeng can’t do that and for the foreseeable future (pending Apple giving Apps direct access to the iPhone hardware) this will stay that way.

There is, however, a 3rd party tool called Net::UDAP that can be used to set up a Receiver. I recommend you read up on it here:

Net::UDAP on Squeezebox Forum

Legacy Issues

Problems with prior releases of iPeng