To Come / Wish List

Next Steps:

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what will I do next on this:

  1. Internet Radio. I think this is probably easy, so that’s prio 1. Done
  2. Playlist management. Not easy, want to do it better than all of the original skins, so it’s a bit of work. Playlist browsing, manipulation on NowPlaying screen and saving works.
  3. Settings. Well, at least some, most notably timer and alarm (timer does already have an icon on the player screen). Done. Player and Alarm have their own screen, other settings have basic support. Better support for iPeng settings a to-do.
  4. Clean up code and fulfill skin interface specs to support plugins. That will probably make a 1.0 release, then. Done, but no 1.0 yet 😉
  5. Clean up remaining browsing views. Done.
  6. Gee-Whiz Ajax Artwork screen somewhat replacing CoverFlow in landscape mode. Probably more like Prio 6… Only landscape artwork view. Gee-Whiz stuff only on native app.
  7. iPhone native application. I NEED to get rid of the browser controls and I NEED to scroll behind the shortcut icons on the lower end. So, this will be my spring project. Now this is gonna be the next step…
  8. Extended Alarm support. Something on Coolio’s personal wish list 😉

Wish List

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Add wishes to the blog, please… You are welcome to comment on what YOU would like to see in iPeng.

My Wish:

Get me streaming to iPod!

Coolio’s wish: A faster server and a faster JavaScript on mobile Safari, he’s quite impatient.