Changes in iPeng 0.3

(0.3.11 is probably the last experimental 0.3 release. It fixes some swipe issues of 0.3.10 and otherwise has a completely rewritten NowPlaying screen (although it may be hard to notice). Differences are in lots of details on NowPlaying: the plugins on the left swipe page now are automatically updated when the track changes (Songinfo does not yet work!), the current track automatically centers into view when you did not scroll that page for 20-30s, the playlist table doesn’t collapse anymore, some things should be faster than before, but loading of NowPlaying is not cache optimized, yet. Now playing should lose connection to the server less often (not show “empty playlist”) etc. etc.

Major usability change is that the button in the top right corner got removed by a dot indicator showing which page you are on. Use swipe to switch between pages. If you have very small fingers you can also click the dots directly but that feature is intended for desktop use.

Plugin API changed.)

(0.3.10 is another experimental release. It fixes some bugs when used with CustomBrowse and MusicIP. The most important new feature is a new “left and right” swipe mode to switch views on the NowPlaying screen that also brings a new overlay for Plugins. This is currently experimental and only works with AlbumReview and Biography and also needs Erland Isaksson’s iPengSupport plugin. Apart from this it has Ajaxed Browse Screens, that is, you will not see a blank screen while waiting for the next page to load. Also, loading is a little bit faster this way.)

(0.3.9 adds experimental landscape view for “Album” and “Year” view (that is: ALL of these views including e.g. the “all albums of a particular artist” view. Just turn the iPhone or iPod into landscape orientation while on the screen. Be warned: loads lots of artwork, so probably not fast.)

(0.3.8 has some minor changes regarding header rendering and adds a skin for the LastFM/Squeezescrobbler plugin. NOTE: This does NOT work with SqueezeCenter’s native plungin, the latter does not work with the current LastFM API)

(0.3.7 is the stable release to follow 0.3.4. It has the speed improvements introduced with 0.3.5 plus various bug fixes and usability enhancements, see below. 0.3.7 comes with a customized version of the prototype library and does NOT support Internet Explorer and Opera.)

(0.3.5 has significant code refactoring that should speed up the use of iPeng since a lot of the code can be cached. Effect should be most significant for NowPlaying Screen and “Home” menu. Only other difference is that NowPlaying playlist automatically centers on currently playing track)

(0.3.4 adds Webclip icon for Firmware 1.1.3)

(0.3.3 adds “Home” button on NowPlaying screen – If you don’t like that stick with 0.3.2, it’s the only change)

(0.3.2 adds cover and elapsed time Display for Pandora and LastFM on NowPlaying)

(0.3.1 adds missing playlist.html)


  • Enhanced browsing features, especially for long lists:
    • Alphabet-Links within a page work immediately now.
    • Added quicklinks to jump to top and bottom of page to alphabet headings
  • Re-Worked “Play” functionality. Did not work as expected in non-standard cases. Behavior now defined as:
    • Clicking an Album Cover will play the complete Album, if possible
    • Clicking a Song will play the Album from that song in all but Music Folder and Playlist View
    • Clicking a Song in Playlist View will play the complete playlist from that song
    • Clicking a Song in Browse Music Folder View will Play the Folder Content from that song, if the folder does NOT contain descending folders
    • In all other cases clicking a song will play only that song.
  • No two-finger padding on all Main Menu pages (yet stays on NowPlaying Screen)
  • Cover Display for Pandora, LastFM, probably other internet radio and music dervices (0.3.2)
  • Elapsed Time Display for Pandora, LastFM and probably other internet radio. Does not work with and gives erroneous times for Shoutcast (0.3.2)
  • “Home” button on NowPlaying Screen (0.3.3)
  • Webclip Icon for iPhone/iPod Firmware 1.1.3
  • NoPlaying Playlist now scrolls current track into view (0.3.7)
  • Returning to InternetRadio browse pages now works (0.3.7)
  • Significant speed enhancements due to caching optimization, especially for NowPlaying and Home screens. (0.3.7)

Added Functionality:

  • Alarm Function (under “Extras”) to manage Alarms
  • Sleep Function (also under “Extras”)

Changes from unstable releases since 0.2e are included:

  • TrackStat support in NowPlaying Screen
  • Synchronization
  • “Current Playlist” control on all browse pages
  • Plugin development interface
  • Playlists have a “Play” instead of an “Add” button

Known Issues:

  • Playlist editing does not work with recent builds of SqueezeCenter due to changes in SqueezeCenter.Playlist editing on NowPlaying screen and Playlist Saving, Browsing, Clearing and Renaming works.
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