iPeng 1.2.7 Update

Since today a new iPeng version – 1.2.7 is available on the App Store.

iPeng 1.2.7, along with an earlier update, is mainly a bugfix release that also brings some minor improvements over 1.2.5:

  • Easier discrimination between „On/Off“ states for Squeezeboxes and between the active and non-active players
  • Dutch translation
  • iPeng should no longer lose the connection to the server when waking up from the background
  • Other improvements and fixes around WOL, caching and the display of very large covers, Global Search, some context menus and for moving players to MySqueezebox.com
  • iPeng will no longer switch the active player when becoming active from the background
  • Cover art thumbs now also show in full resolution on iPad
  • Proximity sensor support with “Prevent Standby” no longer requires an App restart to switch state
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