1.3.5/1.1.5 Updates On the App Store

New iPeng updates are now available in the App Store.

One thing is that they fix is an annoying crash on startup that some people experienced after upgrading to Squeezebox Server 7.6.0. There was a simple workaround but hey, let’s better fix it…

To not make it just a boring bugfix, there are also a few updates to the functionality:


  • There is now an (internet) browser under “Extras” that you can use to browse and play music from web sites on your Squeezebox. I love that I can no read music blogs like Stereogum and listen to the stuff they link right away
  • Each page driven by a browser (including facebook and Wikipedia) now has it’s owm URL entry field and “pull to refresh” feature (iOS 4 and newer only).


  • There’s now better support for sharing and playing shared links with Rhapsody and Spotify
  • Facebook posts now have an (editable) default “I’m listening to” text.


  • Wikipedia lookup now also works for local library entries while browsing
  • There’s now also a Google Search for Lyrics under the Lookup menu. No, you can’t use it for the lyrics screen saver in iPeng for iPad, that would be a bit too much of a stretch.

Playing Music

  • There’s now an “Play All” entry on some context menus. There are a few cases where this will play whole menus (e.g. Top 100 tracks in Triode’s Spotify plugin) where you could only play single tracks before. Unfortunately, Favorites is not one of them.


  • There were cases where iPeng got “stuck” when it could not connect back to the server right away. This should now be fixed by iPeng reconnecting but depending on Network status it can take some seconds.

Have fun!

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