iPeng is back – now supporting scheduled switching between color schemes in iOS 13

Apple’s launch of the latest iOS version on September 19 with major changes across the entire system has prompted us to update the iPeng app too to give you a consistent and troublefree experience with it under iOS 13, the most relevant changes relating to color schemes (light/dark modes).

While iPeng has had its own dark mode with automatic color scheme selection for years, it now adopts iOS’s newly introduced light/dark mode system setting. For iPeng 9.7 that means that the default („automatic“) setting for the scheme now uses iOS’s scheduled switching between light/dark modes instead of ambient lighting, providing you with a system-wide consistent behavior of your color schemes.

In addition to the new default setting there will of course still be the option to select a specific mode (light/dark) in iPeng.

Further enhancements include bug fixes and details.

As always: have fun with iPeng!

About Author: coolio