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You can download iPeng here.

Be aware, that iPeng is copyrighted and published under the LGPL license, please read the license here.

By downloading iPeng you agree into this license and you agree that iPeng comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, expressed or implied.

Have fun!

iPeng for iPhone 3.0:

iPhone 3.0 breaks the 2.0 releases of iPeng so here’s a fix for most of the functionality:

iPeng 0.5.4

Please read the blog post to learn more.

iPeng for iPhone 2.0:

OK, iPhone 2.0 is out and a lot has changed. iPeng 0.4.x will not run well with iPhone 2.0 so there is a new release (which is also much better than the old one, of course)…

But not everything is done, yet, and also the iPhone 2.0 software is not very stable as of today (at least the Browser), so we distribute this as a pre-release version.

If you find any bugs, please let us know.

Here it is:

iPeng 0.5.3 this version has some new plugin support plus a bit of bling-bling 🙂

iPeng 0.5.2 including the Local Playback Control vou will also need the latest 7.1beta version of SqueezeCenter

iPeng0.5.1 please read Installation and the Release Notes

Note: iPeng from version 0.5 on requires iPhone 2.0 (firmware 2.0+ for iPhone, iPhone3G and iPod Touch).

Note: If you don’t read the manual, please read the following paragraph

On versions before FW 2.0, there’s one feature on the iPhone browser Apple obviously has documented very badly: Two finger panning (scrolling). You can scroll parts of a screen (instead of the full screen) by using TWO fingers instead of one.

iPeng is using this on the Now Playing Screen to scroll the track list or to scroll the plugin content (0.3.10 and later).

Now you can go on downloading.

Stable Releases

These are Releases that are somewhat tested and typically include working functionality

iPeng 0.4.5 please read Installation and the Release Notes

iPeng 0.4 Note: iPeng is no longer a skin, but a plugin, so make sure you read Installation and the Release Notes

iPeng 0.3.8 see Installation of versions prior to 0.4 and Release Notes

iPeng 0.3.7

iPeng 0.3.4

iPeng 0.3.3

iPeng 0.3.2

iPeng 0.3.1

iPeng 0.2e Service Release to go along with Erland Isaksson’s Plugins.

iPeng 0.2d, mainly targeted at plugin developers. Only limited new functionality butsome reworked API fitting the documentation in the Developers’ Section.

iPeng 0.2, 

iPeng v0.1a, 

iPeng v0.1

Unstable Releases

Unstable releases have additional functionality, that might not be fully tested and may contain unfinished functionality. Typically there is little documentation about these

Please don’t use Unstable Releases if you find it difficult to reinstall iPeng or want stable operation. They are provided to have a platform for broader testing of new functionality.

iPeng 0.3.11 – March 28, 2008 this again needs a new version of the iPeng Support plugin. Be aware that the plugin itself did not change, jut the configuration file so if you are familiar with how to do this, you can just change iPengSupport/Configuration/default.xml. You also do not need to restart SqueezeCenter after changing the plugin files, just copy the new ones over the old ones.

iPeng 0.3.10 – March 18, 2008 this also needs the following plugin: iPeng Support Beta

The plugin has to be installed in SqueezeCenter’s plugin folder.

Thanks to Erland Isaksson for the support plugin.

iPeng 0.3.9 – March 5, 2008

iPeng 0.3.5 – February 11, 2008

iPeng 0.2.9 – January 15, 2008

iPeng 0.2.8 – January 13, 2008

iPeng 0.2.7 – January 13, 2008

iPeng 0.2.6 – January 12, 2008