iPeng ue Privacy and the Use of Your Smart Radio Account

iPeng does not collect and transfer personal information to PenguinLovesMusic.com or Du!Business GmbH, but to operate a UE Smart Radio, iPeng needs to be connected to your Smart Radio account on Logitech’s UESmartRadio.com service, meaning that iPeng has to send some data to that service.

I. What is UESmartRadio.com and why do you have to use it?

UESmartRadio.com is an online service run by Logitech that controls the operation of your Smart Radio. A UE Smart Radio cannot be used or operated without this service. It has two roles:

  1. UESmartRadio.com controls all activity on your Smart Radio. It generates most of the content shown in your Radio’s (and iPeng’s) menus and controls actions like playing music or changing the volume.
  2. UESmartRadio.com is being used to operate music services (such as Pandora, Deezer, TIDAL) for your Smart Radio.

Please refer to Logitech to learn more about privacy on UESMartRadio.com.

II. Privacy in iPeng ue

  1. PenguinLovesMusic.com or Du!Business GmbH do not collect any personal data through iPeng. The app itself only collects the following information and only stores it locally on your device or in your iCloud account:
    1. Login data you use to connect to a server, including UESmartRadio.com (this information is only stored locally on the device);
    2. Your main menu configuration in iPeng.
  2. While connecting to UESMartRadio.com, iPeng will transfer the following information about you to the service in the following scenarios:
    1. The address of the device iPeng is running on
    2. You have to provide the account credentials (e-mail, password) of your UESmartRadio.com account.
    3. UESmartRadio.com will get information about the music you listen to and the music services you use.
    4. In all cases where you use a music service, UESMartRadio.com will get information about your music service accounts and the music you listen to.
    5. If you use any 3rd party music services, the music service will get information about the music you are listening to.
    6. iPeng ue uses UESMartRadio.com to generate artwork thumbnails for all cover art you use from remote sources in iPeng (e.g. music streaming services or internet radio).
  3. If you use music services or other online information sources with your Smart Radio/iPeng setup, particularly in the cases 2.3.-2.5. above, iPeng might have to read information from online services you address. This might reveal information about you (your device’s IP address or the account you use with the online source as well as the information you retrieve from there) to the respective service.
    This behavior and the data transferred do not differ whether you use iPeng with your Smart Radio or whether you use the Smart Radio directly (i.e. without iPeng).
  4. In case of app crashes, iPeng will collect anonymized information about the crash and send it to a crash reporting service we use that is run by Microsoft. These crash reports are anonymized and contain no information that reveal your identity, your accounts, your exact device or your usage of the app. They only contain information about the app crash and the type of device you are running iPeng on.
  5. If you request support from us through email, iPeng will include some diagnostics information about your setup in the mail. All information is included in clear text in the mail and visible to you so that you can review or remove it before sending.