Penguins don’t live alone…

Or: where’s this going to go.

So, week 1 is almost over and iPeng got quite a few downloads and one update. I keep hearing “I told you so” from a certain penguin and I get questions on where this is supposed to lead to from everybody else. So, this is about the vision thing.

1. Coolio loves simple. This is supposed to become the most simple means of controlling a home stereo setup. Including music database, live streaming and everything. Vision: everything is buried on some server you don’t need to touch. Music is played through a streaming client. Everything is managed on your iPhone/iTouch. No walking to the stereo to see a display, no clumsy remote, no PCs that have to run all day. Just sitting on the sofa, listening to music.
2. Coolio likes to travel. He’s not always at home, so streaming to the iPod/iPhone will be great as well.

3. Coolio is demanding. So the performance of iPeng will be improved, the functionality increased to support more of SqueezeCenter’s options and eventually, we want to see a native app looking even better on iPhone/iTouch.

4. Coolio loves cool. We want to get music databases out of the nerd corner. Cool and simple devices are the key to this. That’s the vision.

And no, Coolio got nothing to do with Linux, he’s a gadget freak, he’s got everything…

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