iPeng Application now on the App Store

You liked the iPeng skin? Just thought a WebApp is too slow? Well, then we’ve got something for you:

Explore iPeng usability and iPhone speed with the iPeng 1.0 now on the iPhone App Store.

It’s the ultimate remote control software for Logitech® Squeezebox™ players and the SqueezeCenter server. Have full control over the music all over your home with your iPhone or iPod touch.

We told you it would come and we told you it would have limited functionality but Coolio has been an insisting Penguin, so now it does already give you a bit more than originally expected. Here are the highlights:

  • Explore your music library at unprecedented ease: Browse your library categories at our wingtips and select one of “play”, “add” or “add next”. And do that on any level that has playable content with the “touch-and-hold” gesture. Available Categories are
    • Albums, Artists, Genres, Playlists, Favorites
  • NowPlaying screen with multi-page controls: Let’s you do all player related activities in one place
  • Play Internet Radio, Music Services and Podcasts: Everything that can be accessed through SqueezeCenter can be accessed through iPeng. Including Search, Artwork and all the other goodies. With the same playback functionality as for the library (as available for streaming content)
  • Manage, simultaneously control and synchronize all your Squeezebox™ players and servers with iPeng’s MultiPlayer control: iPeng’s MultiPlayer control now is the main dashboard to select , manage and control your players. And Servers.
  • Manage your playlist: Re-order and directly play the Tracks on the current playlist.
  • Have full control over your player features: shuffle, repeat, rate songs, love and ban tracks for music services and much more. On the overlay of the artwork screen. Just as you know it from iPeng.
  • Full localization through SqueezeCenter: iPeng itself is currently English only, but most menu items and texts are fully localized as of your server setting.

Now on the iPhone App Store for $9.99.

Download and have fun!

Download iPeng on the App Store

For more information and detailed usage instructions see help.penguinlovesmusic.de
iPeng requires a SqueezeCenter server from version 7.0 on, available for free from Logitech® at www.slimdevices.com and one or more Squeezebox™ or Transporter® or any compatible hard- or software player.
Squeezebox™ is a trademark of Logitech.

iPhone, iPod and iPhone App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc.

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